It’s very easy to whip up a quick marketing message for an email or social media post and even easier to miss out something vital. So before you hit the send button use this brief checklist to make sure that your message isn’t missing that vital ingredient:

marketing effectiveness

Does your marketing communication meet the test?

  1. A headline or subject line that motivates your reader to open the email or read on. This means it needs to appeal to them and probably highlight a problem they are having that they want to solve. It needs to be about them not you.
  2. Copy that converts the features of your product or service into benefits that your ideal client will be attracted to. Explain how your product or service will help them to solve the problem that they want to solve.
  3. Copy that speaks about more ‘you’ than ‘we’. Aim for 70% ‘you’. Join the conversation that your target is having inside their own head. For example, if you run a virtual assistant business your client is probably having an internal conversation about all the jobs on their list and wondering how they are going to meet their deadlines so copy that says something like, ‘Are you overwhelmed by your to do list?’ is likely to capture attention.
  4. Help your client to see how your solution will work for them so they really, really want to buy in to it.
  5. A clear, concise, easy to follow call to action. That means spelling it out not hiding it away in a soft ‘if you’re interested get in touch’ sort of a way but an action verb and a do it now tone. ‘Call’, ‘Book now’ ‘Click here’ and think about inserting your call to action more than once so that you capture those who say yes at the headline and also those who need to read the full message before they are persuaded.

There’s a lot more about crafting your marketing message in my forthcoming book, ‘Founded after 40: how to start a business when you haven’t got time to waste’ so if you would like a sample chapter click here.