When we match our product or service offer to what our dream customer wants to buy we have the foundations for a good business so how do we know what that is?

A good place to start is with the problems that your target customer has and wants to solve and I’ve suggested how you can research this in my book, ‘Founded after 40: how to start a business when you haven’t got time to waste’. However, we don’t all frame our desires in terms of problems so how do we tease out what our ideal client wants and will spend money on?

 Pay attention!

I think we need to train ourselves to pay attention. Just take a look at your social media streams, there’s a mass of useful information there. If you are familiar with Carrie Green of the Female Entrepreneur Association you will know that she has recently published a book and created an even bigger community in her She Means Business Facebook group. One of the things Carrie advocates in her book is creating a vision board (I’ve said the same in my book too so it must be good advice, LOL!). Lots of people are sharing their vision boards or their issues with creating one in this group, it’s an incredible resource to dip into when looking at what desires people have.

Meerkat on the lookout

Are you watching?

You can look at someone’s vision board in more than one way. Some people will share objects that they want to own, others experiences that they want to have and for others it will be things they want to achieve.  A vision board allows us to dream and to dream big but it doesn’t tell us how to get there so that’s where you find your opportunity. How can you help people to acquire, experience or achieve their vision? Are there some common themes that appear across a number of boards and are there similarities between the people sharing them? Are those people your target market or should they be?

Vision boards are just one of the sources of information you can pick up from social media. Many groups invite people to share their goals or problems. Some people will write blogs about their challenges. What are your competitors talking about, have they found a theme you haven’t spotted yet?  What are the questions people are asking that are relevant to your business?

If you need help in identifying your customer’s motivation for buying please book a no obligation strategy call and we’ll work on some ideas to help you to nail it.