What a sad month January was with the loss of so many accomplished stars. First the death of David Bowie, swiftly followed by Alan Rickman and then most recently by Sir Terry Wogan; all shining stars. Of course there were others but I’m not here to write a series of obituaries but to draw some lessons for business owners.

The papers, the airwaves and social media have been filled with tributes to these and other outstanding personalities who have died this year. Whist we would expect any decent journalist to be able to write an obituary what has struck me about the loss of Bowie, Rickman and Wogan are the tributes from ordinary people who never met them. These men have touched lives. They have had an impact on people far and wide. They had at least one star ingredient, something that made them instantly recognisable. Whether you were a fan or not I’m sure you could describe at least one skill or attribute that Bowie, Rickman or Wogan possessed. Almost certainly you would recognise their voices, you would know something about their work and maybe something about their lives. That star ingredient would have permeated your consciousness in at least one way or another. They stood out from the crowd. Do you and does your audience understand your star ingredient? The thing that makes you different. The thing that makes you special.

Defining your star ingredient is not easy. It can feel immodest to recognise and promote our good points. We are often much better at identifying our weaknesses than our strengths. Yet when we are in business we need to help our audience work out what makes us different. We need to help our ideal customers understand why they should choose us.

Point of difference.

Have you defined and communicated you star quality?

If that’s something you have difficulty with ask for help. Ask your friends and family what your best qualities are. Ask your network to define how they see you. Ask your customers why they choose to do business with you. Then share what they say, preferably quoting them or even better video them paying you the compliment.

This is just one of the topics we’ll be covering in my online marketing course launching soon. If you’d like to find out more please email me at glenda.shawley@thetrainingpack.co.uk