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Will you marry me?

You wouldn’t expect a marriage proposal at your first encounter so why expect a sale at your first networking event. In this talk I compare the sales journey with the route to the big question!


In this talk I share an easy to use, easy to remember template to create more effective business communications whether for marketing, presentations, letters or any other business communication.

Show me the way...

Networking can be a great way to build business but you will need a strategy and to integrate your networking with your marketing plan. This talk gives you some hints and tips to do just that.

Business success tips

3 key ingredients for business success

Business success is made of many ingredients mixed together with a little luck and a great deal of hard work. In this talk I cover three essential ingredients.

Small business branding talk

Your brand is so much more than a logo

Too many people think that a brand is a logo and a visual identity but it is so much more than that, in this talk I’ll explain how your brand can be the differentiating factor in your business.

Why running a business in later life can be good for you.

Running a business in later life can  be good for our health and well being, in this talk I’ll discuss how.

See your business as your customer does

Mapping your customer's journey

What is your customer thinking at the five stages of their journey with you and how can you influence that thinking to turn someone who hasn’t heard of you into a loyal customer ?

Wooing your ideal customer

Limiting your target market can be good for business but who is your ideal client and what do you need to know about them to win them and turn them into a raving fan?

Harnessing your why to drive your business.

Finding the right why can be the making of a business. What happens when we get it wrong and how do we find one that works for us?

Lessons in growing business from elite sport

Raising the bar

Elite athletes know how to win; in this talk I discuss how we can learn from them to grow our businesses.

Mind your marketing Ps and Qs.

There are a number of questions that lead to your strategic and tactical marketing plans, most of them relate to a P! This talk encourages you to think about the marketing mix.

Are you speaking to me?


If your marketing is to work it needs to be precisely targeted and join the conversation your prospect is having in their ‘own head’. In this talk I share how to do that.

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Glenda, thanks for a very insightful talk on networking – so interesting and nicely presented!

Katie G