Get marketing done

What could you accomplish in a day of focused activity?

As a small business owner it can be hard to make time for working on our businesses when there’s always so much to do to deliver our products and services. But marketing is essential if we are going to win new customers and keep the ones we’ve got. These No Excuses Days are designed to be a very affordable way to get at least some of your marketing activities done with support and guidance where you need it. You work in a space of your own choosing and we connect throughout the day so you have a sounding board and an accountability check. If you can’t devote a whole day then why not join me for two half days? You choose your own goal for the day. Perhaps you want to show your existing customers that you care, turn leads into business or to generate a few more enquiries. You might use the day to :

  • Develop your marketing plan
  • Write one or more blog posts
  • Produce a lead magnet
  • Write a customer newsletter
  • Update your website
  • Plan a social media campaign
  • Follow up on your networking
  • Call some prospects or lapsed customers
  • Design a piece of marketing collateral
  • Make some marketing videos
  • Any other marketing activities of your choice

We’ll kick off the day at 9.30a.m*. so that you can get those early morning tasks out of the way… getting the kids to school, answering urgent emails, making the bed etc. At 9.30 we’ll start the No Excuses Day with a live call where you’ll share your objective for the day and I will share some marketing insider tips to help you get the most out of it. You’ll then get down to work on your marketing activities. We’ll check in again at 12.00 and 2.30 and then at 5.00p.m. we’ll have another call where you’ll share what you have achieved and we’ll celebrate your success. (n.b. if you need to opt out earlier, e.g. to pick up the kids, that’s fine just let me know and we’ll check on your achievements before you leave). Some people find it hard to devote a whole day at one time so I’ve now introduced the option for you to join us for two half days a few days apart. In this case you join us at 9.30 with everyone else and will have your check out call at 1.30. Or, if you prefer to work afternoons, your starter call will be at 1.00p.m. and you’ll check out with everyone else at 5.00p.m. You’ll have access to me by email all day and we’ll have a private Facebook group where participants can connect to help each other out if required. But I’ll be monitoring what happens in the Facebook group so I’ll know if you’re skiving off! The cost of each day (or two halves) is £20 plus booking fee. I’ll be running these sessions on two days in each month so if you want to commit a day (or even two) every month to marketing you can buy six sessions for the price of 5 i.e £100 plus booking fees. Forthcoming  dates are…

  • Monday 19th November 2018
  • Thursday 6th and Tuesday 11th December 2018

When you book I’ll ask you to tell me what you’re planning to work on so that I can make sure that my tips and support are geared to your needs. We can also consider a buddy system if there are others working on similar activities. So if marketing keeps slipping off your to do list book your slot now and commit at least one day to getting it done. *Time in London UK