How’s your garden looking? If it’s anything like mine it’s probably a bit of a mess. Plants are dying back, some have spread too far, and others are struggling to be seen. I know it’s time to cut back, tidy up and mulch to get the garden ready for next year. Although the signs may not be quite so obvious as an unkempt garden our businesses may also need a bit of an autumn tidy up too.
Here are five ideas you can use this autumn to set your business up for growth in 2019…

1. Review your products and services. Which ones need pruning and reshaping to promote growth for next year? Which are dying back and need some attention if they are to thrive in the future? Which are going unnoticed and need some marketing effort to increase their visibility?

2. Review your current customers. Which of your customers are both profitable and enjoyable to work with? Are you showing them enough love? Which customers have reached the point where they need to be moved on to a new service or another supplier? Which customers need some more nurturing so that they do even more business with you in the future?

3. Review your mailing list. Has it been properly fertilised this year with regular, good quality content (I know I have some work to do here!)? Does your list need some thinning out i.e. getting rid of those people who never engage and will never buy or promote your offer? Do you need to put some effort into growing your mailing list perhaps through a social media campaign, more networking or a new lead magnet?

4. Review your marketing activity. What’s working well but could do even better with a bit of a refresh? What needs consigning to the marketing compost heap? What could be replicated and made to work harder? For example, could you turn your blog articles into multiple social media posts or some video content or your Facebook Live into an article for LinkedIn?

5. Review your systems and processes. Are your current systems serving you well? Are there new tools that could make your life easier or more efficient? Are there some things that you do repeatedly that could be automated or simplified? Are there some tasks that keep slipping off the to do list that could be outsourced or automated to ensure they get done?

It’s worth investing a bit of time in reviewing and tidying up your business now so that you are ready to bloom next year. Here are three more articles that can give you some pointers as you review your business.

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