Do you really understand how your customer reaches a buying decision? Have you considered that their route to a decision might vary according to circumstance?

What do you do if the heating suddenly stops working on a freezing cold day? Almost certainly you’ll ring a heating engineer. ‘What was the name of that guy that came last time we had a problem? ‘D**n! Can’t remember.’ Google to the rescue. You’ll call the person whose website most appeals and hope they answer the phone and if they don’t you’ll probably work your way down the list until you find someone who’ll come.

It’s a bit different if we are thinking of having the heating serviced or upgraded and we don’t know of a suitable contractor.  In this case we’ll take our time, ask around our friends, take some recommendations via our networking groups, search several websites, consult our other halves and probably get a few quotes. Eventually we’ll make a decision but the criteria for that decision are likely to be about more than availability.

There are marketing implications here for our heating engineers. Mine was clever enough to stick a magnetic business card to the boiler before he left. But he didn’t do anything proactive to stay in touch, we might have been tempted to call for a boiler service or some advice on a heating problem if we’d had an email or a flyer through the post.

A heating engineer’s website would need to meet the needs of both the impulse and considered purchasers. So the home page would need a ‘ring this number for immediate service’ perhaps with a one line testimonial or two to appeal to the instant buyer. The home page would also need to lead the considered purchaser to more in-depth information to help them to evaluate their options.

How do your customers buy? Is it a mixture of impulse and considered or does it vary for different products or services? Do you have the right marketing in place to support their decision?

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